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Kacy Johnson


Fax: (909) 337-2618




Kacy Johnson was both born and raised in Lake Arrowhead and is the daughter of Broker Bill Johnson. She was born into a family of entrepreneurs who have self started successful businesses for this charming little town. She has worked in the customer service industry for 5+ years and is currently in the process of retrieving her California Broker's License as well as a bachelor's degree in business finance. For someone who loves exploring, hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding there is no question as to why she chooses to build her career here in the San Bernardino Mountains. 

Kacy has many connections within the mountain community and is willing to do whatever necessary to provide great service to her clients. She is organized, communicative, and reliable. Let her help you find your dream home or assist in finding the perfect buyers for your house!

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